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roomSão Paulo, Brazil

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schedule TBA 2024


Steam, PC

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Tuned Turtle is a creative 2D platformer for all ages that resembles a playable cartoon. Tune-up your shell with mighty power-ups and cross the finish line before "Loko Rabbit" to claim the prize money and rebuild your home.


What would you do if your home was flooded due to the cheap construction of an enormous swimming pool? Join the Turtle Twins in a run to save their village's destiny.

Meet Tommy and Tina, the villagers only hope - one of them must now compete in the "Turtle x Rabbit Race" to win the prize and rebuild their homes.

Sadly, that won't be an easy task because of the infamous Dirty Duke, the unscrupulous sports agent and the one responsible for the disastrous flood. Duke and his minions will do anything to ensure that his pet 🐰 Loko wins the race and claims the prize.

During their journey, players will meet Chang and his crew, who will help them by providing training and state of the art power-ups.


  • A fun platformer with more than 30 unique levels

  • Tune-up your character with 8 mighty power-ups

  • Multiple types of gameplay

  • Unlockable vehicle levels and secret stages

  • Defeat bosses in tough-as-nails “Racing Showdown” stages

  • Handcrafted, cartoon-inspired colorful art style

  • 28 original beautifully composed music tracks

  • Multi-language

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About 32 Pixels

32 Pixels is a game development studio based in São Paulo – Brazil.

The team consists of 3 people that are passionate about games both from past and present generations. Our main goal is to create fun and new experiences that we would love to have as players.

For more information on 32 Pixels please check here.

Tuned Turtle Credits

João Paulo Souza

Executive Producer

Lucas de Camillo

Game Designer, Artist

Renato Vogelaar


Marcelo Vogelaar


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