32 Pixels Presents
Tuned Turtle

A fresh take on
Classic 2D Platform Action

  • done 4 Worlds & 40+ Levels
  • done 8 Power Ups
  • doneUnlockable levels and secret stages
  • doneCartoon-inspired art style

Tune-up your shell with fun power ups

Can you survive the super-hard sidequest levels?

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1 / 5

Play in 3 different worlds

Every race has an distinctive landscape
2 / 5

Classic Platform Action

Run, jump, bounce and sprint your way to victory.
3 / 5

30+ beautiful Levels

With unique background art
4 / 5

Vehicle side mission levels

Collect warning Triangles to unlock special stages
5 / 5

Unlock mighty power-ups

Use your abilities to reach the finish line in safe.

Power Ups

Coming Soon

Press information message

If you’d like to write about Tuned Turtle, please check our press area or download our presskit with videos, images and details about the game. Thanks for taking interest in our project!

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