Tuned Turtle - Announcement Trailer

A fresh take on
Classic 2D Platform Action

Tuned Turtle

  • done 30+ Levels
  • done 8 Power Ups
  • done 6 Special Vehicle Levels
  • games Full Controller support
  • not_interested No Microtransactions
  • All new content updates will be free.

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1 / 5

Play in 3 different worlds

Every race has an distinctive landscape
2 / 5

Classic Platform Action

Run, jump, bounce and sprint your way to victory.
3 / 5

30+ beautiful Levels

With unique background art
4 / 5

Vehicle side mission levels

Collect warning Triangles to unlock special stages
5 / 5

Unlock mighty power-ups

Use your abilities to reach the finish line in safe.


Tommy & Tina

The Turtle Twins

Tommy & Tina had their home flooded by a giant swimming pool. Now one of them must compete in a race to determine the fate of their village.

Dirty Duke

The mind and the pockets behind Loko

Dirty Duke is a sports agent that doesn't like to lose. He is also the owner of the swimming pool that wiped out the village. Duke’s greedy goal is to rebuild his gigantic pool.


Shockingly quick

Loko is Duke's fastest runner; our heroes must defeat him in order to claim the race money, but there’s something off about him...

Dr. W

Duke’s deadliest ally

Dr. W is a tiny worm with big machinery who puts his evil mind to work for Duke. He will use state-of-the-art technology to assure Loko’s victory.

Rancorous Raccoons

The average foe, times a thousand

These are Duke’s minions and will do anything to keep our heroes behind Loko. They use ninja techniques, explosive skills and much more.

Tuned Turtle Crew

The best power-up is a tuned shell

Tuned Turtle Crew: Chang, Little Bob and Lucy will support Tommy and Tina by developing power-ups throughout their journey.

Power Ups

Coming Soon